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Presidents’ Forum Videos


On Feb. 19, 2015, the SFSC Lifetime Learners Institute presented a Presidents Forum, featuring a history of South Florida State College. Donald Appelquist traced SFSC’s history from its beginning. Past presidents Dr. Catherine P. Cornelius and Dr. Norman L. Stephens Jr. discussed the college’s development through their tenures, and Dr. Thomas C. Leitzel, the college’s current president, shared his vision of SFSC’s future.


Appelquist, Donald

Don Appelquist, SFSC Foundation, Executive Director, and SFSC dean, Resource Development


Cornelius Dr. Catherine P Dr. Catherine P. Cornelius, President Emerita
Stephens-Dr.-Norman Dr. Norman L. Stephens Jr., President Emeritus
Leitzel Dr. Thomas Dr. Thomas C. Leitzel, President, SFSC






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