3901 | Commercial Air Conditioning


Description of Program:

The Commercial Air Conditioning Apprenticeship Program is sponsored by the Heartland Air Conditioning Apprenticeship Committee. Program completion requires that you perform 640 hours of related class training and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training (OJT). Related class training hours may count toward completion, but OJT hours are not recorded until you are indentured to a participating employer. The Commercial Air Conditioning Apprenticeship program is a selective admission program restricted to individuals who are employed in the air conditioning industry and are working for a participating employer. Prospective students who are currently working for a participating employer in this area are encouraged to apply for selection to the Apprenticeship Committee before August of each year. For more information call 863-453-2250. This program is registered with the Florida Department of Education and is recognized by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship Training.

Length: 640 contact hrs. and 8,000 hrs. on-the-job training / 21 occupational credits


First Term
ACR 0941 Air Conditioning I 80
ACR 0960 Air Conditioning Internship I 320
Second Term
ACR 0942 Air Conditioning II 80
ACR 0961 Air Conditioning Internship II 320
Summer Term
ACR 0962 Air Conditioning Internship III 400

First Term
* ACR 0943 Air Conditioning III 80
ACR 0963 Air Conditioning Internship IV 320
Second Term
* ACR 0944 Air Conditioning IV 80
ACR 0964 Air Conditioning Internship V 320
Summer Term
ACR 0965 Air Conditioning Internship VI 400

First Term
* ACR 0945 Air Conditioning V 80
ACR 0966 Air Conditioning Internship VII 320
Second Term
* ACR 0946 Air Conditioning VI 80
ACR 0967 Air Conditioning Internship VIII 320
Summer Term
ACR 0968 Air Conditioning Internship IX 400

First Term
* ACR 0947 Air Conditioning VII 80
ACR 0969 Air Conditioning Internship X 320
Second Term
* ACR 0948 Air Conditioning VIII 80
ACR 0970 Air Conditioning Internship XI 320
Summer Term
ACR 0971 Air Conditioning Internship XII 400

  • Apprentices must also document 8,000 hours of appropriate on-the-job training and pass the Experior examination for Journeyman Air Conditioning Mechanic.
* Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.