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Food Management Production Services 3330


3330 | Food Management, Production, and Services

Occupational Certificate

Description of Program:

The Food Management, Production, and Services certificate prepares you for employment as a kitchen manager and operations cook. The program also provides supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation. Course content includes kitchen organization, sanitation, and planning for production; quantity food preparation with emphasis on timing, quality, efficiency, and cost controls; detailed studies in raw materials, recipes, menu planning, and the use of institutional equipment; and banquet presentation, catering, and other specialty preparations. Lab experience is an integral portion of this program. This includes instruction in the use of utensils, equipment, food, and in procedures required to prepare meals.

Length: 1140 contact hours / 38 occupational credits


First Term
FSS 0228 Food Preparation I 60
FSS 0228L Food Preparation I Lab 30-180
* FSS 0236 Quantity Food Preparation I 60
FSS 0236L Quantity Food Preparation I Lab 30-180
Second Term
* FSS 0229 Food Preparation II 60
FSS 0229L Food Preparation II Lab 30-180
FSS 0237 Quantity Food Preparation II 60
FSS 0237L Quantity Food Preparation II Lab 30-180
Summer Term
FSS 0949 Applied Techniques in Food Service 60-180
FSS 0940L Food Production and Management Lab 30-180

* Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.
NOTE: FSS 0940L is still active as a standalone lab. All new labs are equivalent to FSS 0940L.
Gainful Employment Disclosure


Award Year 2010-2011    2011-2012
Students Completing Program* 0 12
Program Costs:
  Tuition and Fees $3,239.80 $3,519.20
  Books and Supplies NA NA
  Total NA NA
Debt at Program Completion:
  Median of Federal Loans $0.00 $0.00
  Median of Private Loans $0.00 $0.00
Program Completion in Normal Time:
  Normal Program Length 10 months 10 months
  Students Completing in Normal Time NA 50.00%
Job Placement Rate for Completers: NA NA
NA – Data Not Available
* – Completers data based on fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)

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