Bioenergy – AS and CCC

South Florida State College offers Associate in Science (AS) degree and College Credit Certificate (CCC) programs in bioenergy:

  • AS with specialization in biomass cultivation
  • AS with specialization in biofuels technology
  • CCC in biomass cultivation specialist
  • CCC in biofuels technology specialist

The need for clean, renewable energy is growing and with it comes opportunities for a workforce educated in the field of bioenergy. Students can earn an AS degree in bioenergy degree while attending classes at the SFSC Highlands Campus.

SFSC’s bioenergy programs are the first in the state to educate students in growing biomass feedstock crops for biofuels production and for preparing students to work as system operators in biofuels production plants.

Basic Admission Criteria

You may be eligible for acceptance into the Bioenergy programs/certificates if you meet the following basic criteria:

  • You have earned a high school diploma.
  • You are a dual-enrollment student.

How to Apply

Complete an application to South Florida State College.

 Make sure the SFSC Admissions Office receives your official transcripts. These include:

  • Official high school transcripts, if required for documenting that you have met the state’s foreign language requirement by completing two years of high school instruction in a single foreign language or by completing eight college-level credits of one foreign language.

  • Transcripts from all colleges currently attending or previously attended. (Transcripts from international students must be evaluated by a recognized international transcript evaluation service.   


Beth Burch
Adjunct Instructor, Bioenergy Program