Biofuels Technology – AS

SFSC’s bioenergy programs provide a foundation of introductory courses to environmental sciences and renewable energy. With a rising interest in green chemistry, sustainability, and escalating oil prices, the bioenergy industry is rapidly expanding. Many companies have an increasing need for individuals with advanced, multidisciplinary skills in bioprocessing and bio-based materials.

Students in the bioenergy program complete an industry internship with firms such as biogas generation plants, research facilities, and municipalities.  Practicum placements and internships are a key component of the program allowing our students to graduate with state of the art technical skills and a solid work experience in their field.

Students who earn  an Associate in Science (AS) degree in bioenergy have a broad understanding of biomass-generated energy and the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to begin thir bioenergy careers. After completion of the program, you are ready to enter the job market or continue your education in a baccalaureate program at a state university or independent college.

The AS degree in Biofuels Technology prepares you to work in a fuel production facility where biomass crops are received and processed into biofuels. The curriculum will emphasize an understanding of biofuels, fuel production, facilities design, water treatment, and digital electronic controllers.

Jobs in this sector include:

  • Systems operator
  • Fuel production supervisor
  • Industrial machinery mechanic
  • Laboratory technician

For information about the program and the enrollment process, call the SFSC Advising and Counseling Center at 863-784-7405.

First Year: Fall Term
ENC 1101
Freshman English I
MAC 1105
College Algebra
ETP 1511
Introduction to Biofuels
SLS 1106
First-Year Experience Seminar
Humanities Elective
Social Sciences Elective
First Year: Spring Term
ENC 2210
Technical Writing
FNR 1060
Environmental Science and Policy
CHM 1025C
Introduction to General Chemistry
EET 1036C
Introduction to Basic DC/AC Circuits
Second Year: Fall Term
BOT 2000
Introduction to Botany
AOM 2230C
Ethanol Production and Processing
EVS 2005C
Treatment of Water and Wastewater
AOM 2231
Biodiesel Production and Design
EPT 1501
Fossil Fuels and Alternatives
Second Year: Spring Term
CHM 2132C
Chemical Instrumentation
AOM 2600
Biofuels Facilities Design
AOM 2070
OSHA Safety for Biofuels Industry
AOM 2940
Biofuels Technology Internship
CET 2114C
Digital Electronics I