Biomass Cultivation Specialist – CCC

This College Credit Certificate (CCC) in Biomass Cultivation Specialist prepares you to work in an agriculture operation where biomass crops are grown, harvested and shipped to a biofuels production facility for processing into biofuels. Credits earned in this certificate articulate directly into the Associate in Science (AS) degree with a biomass cultivation specialization.

The increasing demand for energy and renewable energy sources will continue to drive the need for trained bioenergy technicians. These college credit certificate programs in bioenergy prepare you with the skills and knowledge to get started in the industry.

This certificate option may be appropriate for students who:

  • Seek an entry-level position that requires a training program of one year or less,
  • Seek immediate job-training instruction, or
  • Want to consider pursuing an associate degree at some future date.

Jobs in this sector include:

  • Grower
  • Harvester