Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Supervision and Management (BAS-SM)

Course Descriptions

ACG 3024 Accounting for Managers and Investors (non-majors) 3 credit hours
This course addresses the use of accounting information by non-financial managers. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation of accounting information and the language of financial accounting to effectively participate in activities such as planning, investment, control, and managerial decision making.
Prerequisites: 3 semester hours of college level mathematics with a grade “c” or better.
BUL 4310  Legal and Ethical Environment 3 credit hours
This course covers the working principles which govern the legal and social environment of business, crimes, torts, contracts, and sales.
FIN 4403 Business Finance  3 credit hours
This is an introductory course in financial analysis and decision-making from a management perspective. Topics include financial statement analysis, financial planning, time value of money with analysis and computation tools, risk and rates of return, asset valuation, capital budgeting, and miscellaneous financial decision-making tools and methods.
Prerequisites: ACG 3024 (Accounting for Managers and Investors); or ACG 2021; or ACG 2011.
GEB 3213 Advanced Business Communication 3 credit hours
Course emphasizes business writing while reviewing the various kinds of written business correspondence. Assignments will include both individual and team-written documents. You will be expected to integrate business decision making and analytical thinking skills into the content. You must be able to determine solutions to problem-based exercises. It is a writing intensive course.
GEB 4356 International Business 3 credit hours
This course is designed as an overview of the principal aspects of conducting international business. Domestic and international business characteristics are compared and international political and legal environments are studied. Topics include: International trade theory, foreign exchange, export and import strategies, negotiations and diplomacy, and human resource management in the global marketplace.
GEB 4891 Strategic Planning 3 credit hours
This course covers the strategic planning process from identifying and engaging internal and external stakeholders to the development of a mission statement and identification of goals, objectives and activities. Evaluation of plans and SWOT analysis are also covered.
ISM 4011 Introduction to Management Information Systems 3 credit hours
This course provides a study of the language, concepts, structures, and processes involved in management of information systems, including fundamentals of computer-based technology and the use of business-based software for support of managerial decisions.
Prerequisite: CGS 1101C
MAN 3240 Organizational Behavior 3 credit hours
This course investigates the study of individual and group behavior in organizations including motivation, conflict, work stress, power, politics and other challenges of leadership. Emphasis is on ethics, leadership, communication, and decision-making.
MAN 3301 Human Resource Management 3 credit hours
This course examines all aspects of human resources including job descriptions, work force planning, training, development of policies and procedures, reward systems, and due process relative to personnel management. Employment laws and labor relations will also be covered.
Prerequisite: MAN 2021 or Instructor Approval
MAN 3303 Leadership and Management Practices 3 credit hours
This course presents concepts, principles, and techniques of business leadership. Emphasis will be on developing a solid leadership foundation while centering on the real themes, demands, and opportunities of an evolving and dynamic business workplace. This course will incorporate basic leadership skill development as it relates to the core aspects of the management practice.
MAN 3504 Operations Management 3 credit hours
This course describes the scope of operations management and how it pertains to the whole organization. Quantitative principles and techniques to effective planning and utilization of resources in the operations of manufacturing, research and services are emphasized.
MAN 4045 Effective Team Management 3 credit hours
This course examines team building, two-way communication and feedback; participative management techniques concerning motivation, small group processes, and group decision support; attracting and retaining quality personnel. The course also covers skills in writing employee evaluations, responsibility, authority, accountability, initiative, creativity, communication upward and downward, people management strategies, and recognition and reward.
MAN 4120 Interpersonal Dynamics 3 credit hours
This course is a study of the psychological and sociological dimensions of intergroup relations. Attention to the problems experienced by subgroups in large and small organizations with particular reference to ethnic, racial, and subcultural groups is covered as well as the roles and responsibilities of management in the constructive resolution and utilization of inter-group conflict in organizations.
MAN 4342 Supervisory Skills 3 credit hours
This course will study the changing responsibilities of first-level supervisors; topics include high quality management, multicultural diversity, dealing with unions, equal opportunity legislation, discipline procedures and organizational ethics and politics.
MAN 4900 Capstone: Supervision and Management 3 credit hours
This course focuses on the integration of knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in the program through a capstone project. This course should be completed during the last 12 credits of the program prior to graduation. The capstone experience project requires approval by the program manager.
MAR 4802 Marketing for Managers 3 credit hours
This course helps develop the marketing knowledge and skills necessary for the successful management of an organization. You will research and discuss marketing concepts, including the development and execution of marketing strategies. The course focuses on formulating a marketing strategy for a variety of enterprises including business-to-business, business-to-government, and public service organizations.
Prerequisite: MAR 2011 or instructor approval
MAN 4583 Project Management and Planning 3 credit hours
This class is a general introductory class in project management designed to give students an exposure in general project management concepts. This course is meant to provide students with a framework on which to build project management knowledge that relates to your own specific subset of knowledge.