3026 | Digital Forensics – CCC

South Florida State College makes it possible for you to earn a College Credit Certificate in Digital Forensics in as little as one year.

Digital forensics is emerging as a high-demand specialized field of forensic science. Digital forensics investigators recover, examine, and trace material found in digital devices, such as computers and cellular phones, often in relation to computer crime, corporate investigations, or unauthorized network intrusion.

SFSC’s Digital Forensics program gives you the necessary training and knowledge needed to prepare for and conduct digital forensics investigations and incident handling methods and procedures. Courses emphasize computer hardware and operating systems and the principles, laws, and legal aspects of digital forensics. Graduates earn 32 hours of college credit and are awarded the Lantern Certified Operator credential, which validates their ability to conduct analysis of any Apple or Android mobile device. Students receive extensive hands-on experience with  with many of the industry standard hardware and software devices used to conduct forensic imaging and analysis to produce a report of collected evidence. They receive the tools and training they need to pursue the CompTIA Security+ industry certification.

CompTIA Security+ is a globally recognized credential with certified professionals working in over 147 countries throughout the world.

The college credits earned in this program may be applied to SFSC’s Associate in Science (AS) degree in Network Systems Technology.

Program Guide:

Prefix Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

CGS 1061C

Fundamentals of Computers


OST 1581

Professional Development in the Workplace


CET 1660C

Computer Network Security


CET 2930C

Selected Topics in Computer Networking


CET 2691

Laws and Legal Aspects of IT Security


CET 1600C

Cisco Networking Fundamentals


CGS 1135C

Introduction to Computer Forensics


CET 2662C

Security Testing and Auditing


CET 2880C

Data Forensics I


CET 2881C

Data Forensics II



Network Security Internship



Total Credits


For complete requirements of this program, including any prerequisite courses, consult an adviser or Brian Bohlman.

 XCEL-IT Advantages for Digital Forensics Students

SFSC’s Digital Forensics program is part of XCEL-IT, a grant-funded program that provides additional benefits to students who enroll in certain computer technology programs. As a student in an XCEL-IT program, you may be eligible for financial assistance, and you’ll be invited to attend customized advising workshops and classes, take part in workforce training programs, go on professional field trips, and receive career counseling. You’ll get assistance with internships, job searching, and preparing for employment. Contact SFSC’s XCEL-IT staff for more information.