College Week celebrates the 28 colleges of the Florida College System (FCS). South Florida State College (SFSC) holds the 2018 College Week, March 5-8, on the SFSC Highlands Campus. College Week is an event in which teams of SFSC students and employees compete in activities and demonstrate their SFSC pride. This year, teams will compete against each other in these events: three-legged race, egg toss, cannon ball contest, tug ‘o war, dodgeball, and an obstacle course.

For more information, contact Andy Polk, coordinator, student life, at or 784-7435.


Event Day Date Time # Participants Location
Opening Ceremony Mon. 3/5 12:25 pm N/A Intramural Field
Three-Legged Race Mon. 3/5 to follow 2 Intramural Field
Egg Toss Mon. 3/5 to follow 2 Intramural Field
Cannonball Contest Tues. 3/6 12:25 pm 1 Swimming Pool
Tug ‘o War Tues. 3/6 to follow Up to 8 Sand Volleyball Court
Dodgeball Wed. 3/7 12:25 pm Up to 5 Panther Gym
Obstacle Course Thurs. 3/8 12:25 pm 2-4 Intramural Field
Closing Ceremony/ Awards Thurs. 3/8 to follow N/A Intramural Field


SFSC College Week 2018: Results 

Event Day Date Winners Location
Three-Legged Race Mon 3/5 Jac Rats Intramural Field
Egg Toss Mon 3/5 Registered Nerds Intramural Field
Cannonball Contest Tues 3/6  JD’s House of Ribs/Jac Rats Swimming Pool
Tug ‘o War Tues 3/6  JD’s House of Ribs Sand Volleyball Court
Dodgeball Wed 3/7   Panther Gym
Obstacle Course Thurs 3/8   Intramural Field