College Week ChampsCollege Week celebrates the 28 colleges of the Florida College System (FCS). South Florida State College (SFSC) kicked off the 29th Annual College Week, March 9 – 13, at the SFSC Highlands Campus. College Week is an annual event at SFSC, where teams of SFSC students and employees compete in activities and demonstrate their SFSC pride. It pitted SFSC employees against students in such competitions as a three-legged race, egg toss, dodgeball, tug of war, belly flop contest, and an obstacle course. Madula Abo Gata took home first place for College Week scoring 145 points. SFSC’s College Week is organized by the SFSC Student Government Association (SGA). For more information, contact Andy Polk, coordinator, Student Life, by emailing or calling 784-7435.

SFSC College Week 2015: Final Team Scores
1st Place: Madula Abo Gata (Black) – 145 Points
2nd Place: Hispano Mafia (Burgandy) – 135 Points
3rd Place: Gray Clouds (Grey) – 80 Points

Congrats to the other groups who competed:
Legion of Doom (Light Purple) – 65 Points
P.O.P. – Hold it down (Royal Blue) – 65 Points
Mr. Larsen (Teal/Aqua) – 60 Points
Collegiate FFA (Navy Blue) – 55 Points
Nerd Herd (Pink) – 50 Points
Your Future Boss (Charcoal) – 50 Points
Dali’s Llama (Dark Purple) – 45 Points
Code Blue (Blue) – 40 Points
Hemoglobin Trotters (Red) – 40 Points
JustUs League (Navy Blue) – 0 Points
Radiation Excellence (Grey) – 0 Points

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 Three-Legged Race  Obstacle Course Belly Flop Tug of War