GEDThe General Educational Development (GED®) measures a person’s academic skills and knowledge in four content areas: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. The GED is fully aligned with college and career readiness standards. Upon successful completion of all four modules, a high school equivalency is awarded. For more information on the GED, visit


You must register an account with GED® Testing Services at Once your registration is complete, you may schedule and pay for your exam through the GED® site. When you schedule, you will see the GED® Scheduling Guidelines. It is important to read these. In addition to the information provided, be aware that the SFSC Testing Center guidelines also apply. You have the flexibility of scheduling one test at a time, multiple tests in one setting, or the entire exam in one setting. You must earn a minimum of 145 points on each module to earn your high school equivalency. A copy of your GED® transcriptions and State of Florida high school diploma is sent via secure email to each student who passes the GED® test. If you are an SFSC Adult Education student or plan on attending SFSC, forward the secure email to: Please note, this exam is only offered on the SFSC Highlands Campus.

Exam Day

  • On the day of your exam, bring in a valid form of government-issued photo identification. If you do not present a valid and acceptable photo ID on test day, you will be required to reschedule your exam for a time when you can produce a valid and acceptable ID. Acceptable forms of ID are:
    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • Permanent resident card
    • Military identification card
    • Province identification card
  • You must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time. Arrival of 15 minutes later than your scheduled test time may result in the need to reschedule your exam; this is contingent on Testing Center availability. A reschedule will result in the need for the examinee to pay another exam fee.
  • Once checked in, you will be required to store all electronic devices and personal items in a secure locker prior to and during testing.
  • Testing candidates are the only ones allowed in the Testing Center; this includes children and guests of the testing candidate. Children are not allowed to be unattended outside of the Testing Center or any other area of the college during testing.


The cost is $32 per module or $128 for the entire exam.


Testing candidates may test three times on the same subject with no wait period; you may not test in the same day. After the third attempt, there is a 30 day waiting period between retakes. The discounted rate for retakes is $12; valid for twelve months after the initial test attempt. These fees are subject to change so always consult for their current exam fees.

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