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South Florida State College
District Board of Trustees Policies

Policy: 3.22

Title: Scholarship and Loans

Legal Authority: Florida Statute 1001.64

Office of Primary Responsibility: Vice President for Educational and Student Services/ Financial Aid

The president is authorized to establish a scholarship program and loan fund with appropriate procedures for awarding financial assistance, including part-time employment for students, short-term loans, student waiver of fees and/or tuition, grants, scholarships, other financial aid to students, and recertification of student aid application information.  The procedures shall include the collecting of any loans.

History: Last Reviewed 6/27/12

Issued by District Board of Trustees: 8/10/1984

Reviewed: 7/1/04, 7/1/07, 7/22/09, 6/27/12

Revised: 11/28/01