Presidential Search

The Person We Seek

Presidential Profile

We seek an outstanding candidate who has a demonstrated understanding, appreciation, passion, and commitment to:

  • The comprehensive mission of South Florida State College;
  • An effective relationship with the SFSC District Board of Trustees;
  • A visionary perspective that manifests in inspirational servant-leadership characteristics;
  • Exemplary personal integrity and professional ethics to represent the college community and the board of trustees;
  • Active involvement in the communities of the college district;
  • Effective relationships with all college stakeholders;
  • Student life and student engagement in college activities, athletics, governance, and organizations;
  • Productive partnerships with all sectors and levels of education, public and private, as well as with business and government interests;
  • Effective relationship with legislators, state educational leaders, local elected officials, and others who exercise influence over the college‚Äôs continued development;
  • Data-driven planning, resource allocation, and the assessment of institutional effectiveness for continuous improvement;
  • Effective and conservative financial management and resource development for additional sources of funding for programs and initiatives;
  • Appropriate integration of technology to facilitate and support student learning;
  • Dynamic innovation and creative problem solving;
  • Educational, cultural, environmental, and economic stewardship to support positive development of the college district; and
  • Cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity of students and staff.