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Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Summer 2015

Student Fee Rates 2014-15:

Application Fees

Beginning Nov. 1, 2013, South Florida State College will begin requiring a $15 non-refundable application fee for all new applicants, re-applicants, previous SFSC students who have not taken classes at SFSC in the past 12 months, and all bachelor’s degree applicants. Students applying as dual enrollment, adult education, community education, or corporate education students will be exempt.

Baccalaureate Programs (Per Credit Hour)
   In-State Student $119.33
   Out-of-State Student  $449.78
College Credit (Per Credit Hour)  
   In-State Student $104.52
   Out-of-State Student $394.31
   College Preparatory Course (third attempt) $394.31
   College Credit Course (third attempt) $394.31
Upon your third enrollment in a course, you may be assessed
additional fees within 72 hours after registration.

Vocational Credit
   (Contact Hours / 30 = Vocational Credit)
   In-State Student $87.60
   Out-of-State Student $350.40
Contact Hours  Credit Fee
30 1 $87.60
60 2 $175.20
90 3 $262.80

Adult Basic Education, ESOL, and State of Florida Diploma by Term  
   In-State Student $28.50
   Out-of-State Student $114.00

Vocational Supplemental  
   Fee schedule is available at the registration desk.  
Community Education Fees  
   Fee schedule is available at the registration desk.  
Incidental Fees  
   Application for Admissions Fee (Non-refundable) $15.00
   Admissions Fee (Non‑refundable) $25.00
   Graduation Fee (Non‑refundable; after one academic year, must re-apply and pay) $15.00
   Credit From Experience Fee (per course) $50.00
   Returned Check Fee $25.00
   Library Card (non-student only) $5.00
   Library Replacement Card (all card holders) $2.00
   Library Printing and Photo Copies  
      black and white, each $ .05
      color, each $ .40
   Photo Identification Card Replacement $5.00
   Full Battery GED Test $70.00
      Writing section re‑take $16.00
      All other sections re‑take $14.00
   PERT - (non-student) $25.00
   PERT Re-take $5.00
   CLEP Test $77.00
   CLEP Administration Fee $20.00
   TABE - (non-SFSC students) $30.00
   TABE - Re-take $5.00
   Distance Learning Test Administration Fee (non-SFSC students) $15.00
   NLN RN/LN $50.00
   NLN-ACE $60.00
   Criminal Justice Battery Test Administrative Fee $40.00
   Hard Copy Transcript Fee $5.00
   Transient Student Fee (per course) $5.00

Special Fees:

Several courses offered by SFSC require students to be insured while enrolled in the courses. Insurance fees are in addition to other special or laboratory fees.

Laboratory Fees:

Many courses offered by SFSC require the use of expendable resources or special equipment. Students enrolled in these courses are charged a laboratory fee to offset the cost of these resources and/or equipment.

College Credit Course Refund Policy:

Students are required to notify the college if they are dropping a course or withdrawing from the college. Refunds must be requested within the refund period; see College Calendar, pages 7-8. Fees paid by check will not be refunded until the student’s check clears the college’s bank. Please note: This may take several weeks. All refunds are paid by college check.

Technical Programs Refund Policy:

For classes of 150 to 1,320 hours, a student who officially drops before the end of the first calendar week of the term will receive a 100 percent refund of registration fees. For classes of 1 to 149 hours, a student who officially drops will receive a 100 percent refund when an official drop is received by the Office of the Registrar prior to the second class meeting, except in the case of single session classes, workshops, or seminars, when an official drop must be completed and received by Registration prior to the start of the class or activity. SFSC accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for payment of fees.

Admissions Fee:

A one-time user fee assessment of $25 per student is required of each student who enrolls in one or more Advanced and Professional (A&P), Post-Secondary Vocational (PSV), Post-Secondary Adult Vocational (PSAV), and/or College Preparatory courses, as of fall term 2004, to recover the costs associated with admitting a student to SFSC (admissions fee). Dually enrolled high school students, unless or until enrolled in regular program offerings, will be exempt from this student fee.

The admissions fee will provide each student access to parking, automotive vehicle decals, a student identification card with photo, and the library. Each student will be assessed this fee one time only upon enrollment in any of the aforementioned programs or courses. Students not enrolled in the aforementioned programs but enrolled in Adult Education (ABE, ESOL, AHS, GED Preparation), Community Education, Apprenticeship, and Continuing Workforce Education courses/programs will not be assessed the admissions fee unless or until enrolled in courses or programs where the fee is expected.

A $5 fee is charged to cover the cost of replacing a lost or stolen photo identification card and to provide new cards for students who wish to secure a identification card but are not expected to pay the admissions fee.

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