The BSEE Program Plan sequence is listed below. This two-year sequence will be followed in a cohort format. At this time, all BSEE students must attend full time to be a part of the cohort.

Third Year: Fall Term

TSL 3243
Foundations of ESOL
EDG 3442
Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management
EDF 3467
Learning Theory and Assessment
RED 3012
Basic Foundations of Reading
LAE 3414
Literature for Children

Third Year: Spring Term

RED 3519
Diagnostic and Corrective Reading Strategies
EEX 3070
Teaching Exceptional Students
LAE 3314
Language Arts in the Elementary School
SCE 3310
Teaching Science in Elementary School
SSE 3312
Teaching Social Science in the Elementary School

Third Year: Summer Term

EDF 4603
Analysis and Application of Ethical, Legal, and Safety Issues in Schools

Fourth Year: Fall Term

TSL 4347
Methods of Teaching and Assessing ESOL Students
EDE 4223
Integrated Arts, Music and Physical Ed in the Elementary School
MAE 4314
How Children Learn Mathematics
RED 4942
Practicum for Assessment and Instruction of Reading
EDE 4942
Internship II

Fourth Year: Spring Term

EDE 4943     
Internship III