3342 | Correction to Law Enforcement 

The Correction to Law Enforcement (Crossover) Occupational Certificate (OC) program trains you to become a law enforcement officer in the state of Florida, and it meets the state requirements as approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. If you hold a corrections officer certificate, you may “crossover” to law enforcement. Upon successful completion of this occupational program, you will be eligible to take the state certification examination to become a certified law enforcement officer. You must attend all sessions of training and score a minimum of 80 percent on all examinations per Administrative Rule.

Length: 515 hours

Course TitleCourse NumberCourse Hours
Overview of Law EnforcementCJK 029364
Interactions in Crisis SituationsCJK 029710
Reporting ProceduresCJK 029632
Fundamentals of PatrolCJK 006435
Calls for ServiceCJK 006536
Criminal InvestigationsCJK 007750
Crime Scene to CourtroomCJK 007835
Critical IncidentsCJK 009244
Traffic StopsCJK 008730
DUI Traffic StopsCJK 008424
Traffic Crash InvestigationsCJK 008832
Crossover Program UpdatesCJK 03938
Crossover Handgun Transition CourseCJK 039224
Correctional Crossover to Law Enforcement Officer WellnessCJK 029535
CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations (see Volume 2: High Liability Textbook and Instructor Guide)CJK 002048
Dart-Firing Stun Gun (see Volume 2: High Liability Textbook and Instructor Guide)CJK 04228
Total 515

Gainful Employment Disclosure