3340 | Law Enforcement

The Basic Law Enforcement program trains you to become a law enforcement officer in the state of Florida. It is approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission for meeting state requirements for law enforcement officer training. By completing the program successfully, you receive a Career Certificate (CC) and are eligible to take the state certification examination to become a certified law enforcement officer. You must attend all sessions of training and score a minimum of 80% on all examinations per Administrative Rule.

Special Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission into the program, you must:

  1. Obtain authorization from the Director of the Criminal Justice Academy prior to registering for all or part of this program.
  2. Possess a valid Florida Driver’s License.
  3. Be 19 years of age prior to graduation from the Academy.
  4. Be a citizen of the United States of America.
  5. Submit to a background inquiry prior to admission (additional fee for fingerprint submission)
  6. Not have a record of conviction for any felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or domestic violence.
  7. Successfully pass a Basic Abilities Test (additional fee) prior to admission.
  8. Complete the academy application process, only if you did not complete this application when applying to the college. This application is part of the Admissions application.
  9. Pass a physical exam for physical fitness training
  • Weapons and uniforms that meet academy specifications will be provided by the Criminal Justice Academy unless they are provided by the sponsoring agencies.
  • You must register for these classes as a block of instruction.

Length: 770 contact hours / 25.7 occupational credits

Volume 1 – Florida Basic Recruit Training Program: Law Enforcement

Chapter Course Title Hours Course Number
1 Introduction to Law Enforcement 10 CJK 0001
2 Legal 62 CJK 0012
3 Interactions in a Diverse Community 40 CJK 0013
4 Interviewing and Report Writing 56 CJK 0014
5 Fundamentals of Patrol 35 CJK 0064
6 Calls for Service 36 CJK 0065
7 Criminal Investigations 50 CJK 0077
8 Crime Scene to Courtroom 35 CJK 0078
9 Critical Incidents 44 CJK 0092
10 Traffic Stops 30 CJK 0087
11 DUI Traffic Stops 24 CJK 0084
12 Traffic Crash Investigations 32 CJK 0088
  Subtotal 454  

Volume 2 – Florida Basic Recruit Training Program: High Liability

Chapter Course Title Hours Course Number
1 CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations 48 CJK 0020
2 CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers 40 CJK 0031
3 Criminal Justice Firearms 80 CJK 0040
4 CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics 80 CJK 0051
5 Dart-Firing Stun Gun 8 CJK 0422
6 Criminal Justice Officer Physical Training 60 CJK 0096
  Subtotal 316  
  Program Total 770