Child Care and Development Courses

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Child care professionals can turn to South Florida State College’s Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) Department to complete the courses mandated by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Among the child development courses regularly offered are:

Behavioral Observation and Screening

This component of “Introduction to Child Care” may be taken separately. (10 hours)


Pediatric CPR is required for child care workers.

First Aid

Pediatric first aid is required for child care workers.

Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC)

The FCCPC competency standards are at the core of the FCCPC 120-contact hour program. This course covers the goals caregivers must meet and the areas in which they must function. It examines the skills they need to be competent caregivers and the basis on which they are assessed.

Infant/Toddler Appropriate Practices

This class covers practices and activities that are developmentally appropriate for infants and toddlers. (10 hours)

Associate Degree Early Childhood Education

SFSC does not offer a degree in Early Childhood Education. For a list of approved educational institutions offering the degree, visit .


Introduction to Child Care

Mandated by the Florida DCF for all child care workers, this course covers rules and regulations, child abuse, child development, health, safety, and nutrition. As part of the course, participants observe and screen children for developmental milestones. (30 hours, and 10 hours Special Needs Appropriate Practices included)

Special Needs Appropriate Practices

This class covers all developmentally appropriate practices for children with special needs. (10 hours – included in the Introduction to Childcare package at SFSC)

Florida Child Care Director Credential

Completion of this course meets the educational requirements for the DCF Florida Child Care Director Credential. Upon completion of this course, students must submit an application along with the required documentation to the Department of Children and Families. Once requirements have been met each student shall receive a State issued certificate accessible through their DCF transcript, not from SFSC.  Applications can be found by visiting

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