Transition (LPN to RN) Degree Map

Prefix Number Course Title Credit Hours
Summer Term    
NUR 2003C Nursing Transition 8
Fall Term    
*NUR 2209C Medical-Surgical Nursing for Adults and Children II 10
NUR 2931 Selected Topics in Nursing 2
~**   Humanities Elective (G.E.) 3
Spring Term      
*NUR 2404C Nursing Care of Parents and Infants 3
*NUR 2502C Nursing Care for Community and Mental Health 3
*NUR 2801C Nursing Practicum 6
    Total Credit Hours 35

* Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.

** It is your responsibility to meet with an instructional supervisor or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.

~ Must earn a grade of C or higher. 


Computer competency skills and Fundamentals of Speech Communication general education requirements are covered within the nursing curriculum for the associate degree.

Completion of a Practical Nursing Program shall articulate 10 college credit hours to the A.S. in Registered Nursing per Florida Department of Education PSAV to A.S. Degree Articulation Statewide Agreement (D.O.E., 2010).