Notification of Social Security Number Collection and Usage

In compliance with Florida Statute 119.071(5), this web page notifies you of the purpose for the collection and usage of your Social Security number as an employee of South Florida State College.

To protect your identity, SFSC will secure your Social Security number from unauthorized access, never release your Social Security number to unauthorized parties, and assign you a unique employee identification number. This unique ID number is used for all associated employment and educational purposes at SFSC.

The SFSC Human Resources and Payroll Departments collect and use your Social Security number only for the following purposes in performance of the College’s duties and responsibilities:

  • Identification and Verification
  • Background Checks
  • Billings and Payments
  • Payroll Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • Garnishments
  • Data Collection, Reconciliation, and Tracking
  • Tax Reporting
  • State and Federal Educational and Employment Reporting
  • Administration of Federally Funded Financial Aid Programs

Providing your Social Security number is a condition of employment at SFSC.