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Panther Impact Team 

Mission: The Panther Impact Team exists to promote campus safety by identifying, evaluating, and, when necessary, intervening when threats and potential threats related to SFSC students, faculty, staff, and visitors are reported.

Purpose: The Panther Impact Team serves as the centralized coordinating body for reports, discussion, and actions regarding students, faculty, staff, or visitors exhibiting behaviors of concern. Behaviors of concern include, but are not limited to: threats; aberrant or strange behavior; violent or perceived violent behavior; and threats of suicide or violence against others. The team will also make recommendations as to the best option(s) for the individual’s continued access to the SFSC campuses.

Contact Information:

Keith Loweke
Director, Safety and Risk Management
Phone: 863-784-7219
Email: Keith.Loweke@southflorida.edu

Dr. Mark Bukowski
Dean, Student Services
Phone: 863-784-7104
Email: Mark.Bukowski@southflorida.edu


Email: PantherImpact@southflorida.edu