Administrative Office Specialist

The administrative office specialist certificate prepares you for an office occupation such as typist, payroll clerk, accounts payable/accounts receivable clerk, word processor, receptionist, file clerk, general office clerk, secretary, and administrative assistant. Course content includes, but is not limited to, accounting (elective), payroll, business English, business communications, keyboarding, introduction to business trends, office equipment, transcription, fundamental basic office procedures, introduction to computers, work relations, and interpersonal skills. If you receive your administrative assistant occupational certificate, you may receive some credits toward a College Credit Certificate (Office Management, #3050). Consult your instructor.

Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology

Students earn a Career Certificate (CC) while learning about the tools and technologies used in modern manufacturing and production, including basic hand tools, measuring devices, robotics, computer-aided design, and PLC/microprocessors. Graduates of the program are qualified for entry-level positions in advanced manufacturing, or they may continue their education in SFSC’s Associate in Science (AS) program in Engineering Technology.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating

The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Technology program prepares the student for employment as a technician or repair person of home and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Course content includes the fundamentals of refrigeration, basic electricity, and heating systems.

Automotive Collision Repair

The Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing program prepares the student for employment in the auto collision repair and refinishing industry as a repair technician or an auto collision painter. Course content includes fundamentals of auto body repair, basic sheet metal repair, painting techniques, science of unibody repair, and panel repair and replacement.

Automotive Service Technology

The Automotive Service Technology program prepares the student to enter the automotive service industry as a technician. Course content includes brake systems, steering, suspension, manual and automatic transmissions, automotive heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, and engine repair.

Electrical Lineworker

PLEASE NOTE: This program is only offered at the Hardee Campus in Bowling Green. Students must provide their own transportation to the campus. HCI students attend high school classes at the Highlands Campus (Avon Park) until 11 a.m. each school day and take electrical lineworker courses in Hardee from 12:15-3:15 p.m.

The Career Certificate (CC) Electrical Lineworker program enables students to become employed as an electric line technician capable of maintaining and repairing electric utility overhead and underground lines. The program combines classroom study in electrical distribution systems with laboratory and practical hands-on training exercises. Students function as though they are part of an actual line crew while they learn about basic electrical theory, standard safety protocols, operating commercial equipment, and constructing power lines.  

Food Management, Production, and Services (Culinary)

The Food Management, Production, and Services program prepares the student for employment as a kitchen manager and operations cook. The program also provides supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in this occupation. Course content includes kitchen organization, sanitation, and planning for production; quantity food preparation with emphasis on timing, quality, efficiency, and cost controls; detailed studies in raw materials, recipes, menu planning, and the use of institutional equipment; and banquet presentation, catering, and other specialty preparations. Lab experience is an integral portion of this program. This includes instruction use of utensils, equipment, food and procedures required to prepare meals at The Hotel Jacaranda.

Public Safety Communication

This one-semester program prepares students to work as 911 emergency dispatchers. Students learn how to operate telephones, radios, and computer terminals as they respond to emergency and non-emergency requests for police, fire, and medical assistance. This program is taught by certified public safety communicators and meets the educational requirements for Florida Department of Health 911 Emergency Dispatcher Certification. Graduates receive a Career Certificate (CC).