South Florida State College is committed to helping students develop the values and skills of active citizenship through participation in public and community service. SFSC is a proud member of Florida Campus Compact, the statewide organization for service-learning.

The SFSC Honors Program integrates service with academic study by requiring that each graduating Honors student document 25 hours of service-learning.

Each Honors course offers an opportunity to earn five hours of service-learning. Non-Honors courses may also offer service learning, and service-learning opportunities are open to all students enrolled in the Division of Arts and Sciences.

Students who wish to perform service-learning must apply and register with the SFSC Career Development Center, located in Building B. The Career Development Center maintains a list of approved non-profit agencies. Students may complete their own projects with the approval of the faculty coordinator for service-learning.

Any waivers to the Honors Program’s service-learning policy must receive prior approval, in writing, from the Honors Program director.