General Principles
Organization and Governance
Education and Student Services
Curriculum and Instruction
Academic Standards
Student Enrollment
Student Assistance
Student Extracurricular Activities
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Business and Fiscal Services
Human Resources
Planning and Institutional Advancement
Direct Support Organizations

General Principles

1030 Substantive Change

1031 Notification of Change of Status, Including Voluntary Withdrawal from Accreditation

1050 Seating Access for the Mobility Impaired at Performances

1051 Service Animals on College Grounds and in College Facilities

1070 Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus and Workplace

1090 Faculty and Administrative Grievance Procedure

1091 Career Service and Professional Staff Grievance Procedure

1092 Correcting the Actions of Career Service and Professional Staff Employees

1093 Correcting the Actions of Faculty Personnel

1094 Final Paycheck – Terminated Employment

1095 Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure

1100 Equal Opportunity

1101 Substitution Courses for Students with Disabilities

1110 Displaying Flags

1140 Copyright Compliance

1160 Materials Produced by Employees

1170 Tobacco-Free College

1180 Student-Athlete Substance Abuse Testing

Organization and Governance

2040 Development and Adoption of Policies

2041 Development and Adoption of an Administrative Procedure

2060 Fraud Reporting Procedure

2061 Reports Coordination

2062 Library Inventory

2063 Circulation by Library Services of Educational Materials

2064 Acquisition of Library Materials

2065 Use of College Multimedia Production Facilities

2070 Insurance on Newly Completed Construction Projects

2071 Safes and Vaults

2072 Lost and Found Property

2073 Use of College Vans

2074 Responsibility for College Property and Property Records

2080 Cash Disbursements

2090 Development of All Non-Classroom College Publications

2091 SFSC Catalog Changes

2092 Deletion of Courses from College Curriculum Inventory

2100 Release of Information to the Public

2110 Posted Advertisements

2120 Control of Solicitation and Information Gathering by Employees and Students While off Campus Representing the College

2150 College Record Retention and Disposal of College Records

2151 Inspection, Examination, and Duplication of College Records

2152 Employee Personnel Files

2153 Personnel Files

2154 Student Records – Security, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Destruction

2155 Information Systems Security

2156 Information Security

2157 Identity Theft Prevention Program

2158 Maintenance of Archived College Catalogs

2170 Employee Awards Programs

2180 College Committees

2200 Role of Faculty in Governance of the College 

2220 Responding to a Public Records Request

Education and Student Services

Curriculum and Instruction

3010 Cultural Programming Guidelines on Freedom of Expression

3011 Academic Freedom

3020 Curriculum Development

3030 Academic Program Review Procedures

3040 Credit Hour Assignment

Academic Standards

3100 Instructor Withdrawal of Students from Classes

3101 Academic Standards of Progress

3102 Standards of Progress for Students on Financial Aid

3103 Academic Appeals

3110 Evaluating Regionally Accredited Institutional Credit

3111 Evaluating Non-Regionally Accredited Institutional Credit

3112 Awarding Accelerated/Experiential Learning Credit(s)

3113 Awarding Credit for Non-Credit Courses

Student Enrollment

3150 Admission to Baccalaureate, Associate, Certificate, Diploma, Adult Education, and Other Programs

3151 Admission to Dual Enrollment Programs and Collegiate High School

3152 Verification of Student Identity in Distance Education and Electronic Courses

3160 Student Admission Process

3161 Admission of International Students

Student Assistance

3220 Scholarships

3221 Student Work Study Employees

3230 Student Financial Aid Information

3231 Return of Title IV Funds

3232 Student Fee Waivers

Student Extracurricular Activities

3280 Establishing Student Organizations and Clubs

3281 Business Procedures for Student Activities

3282 Concessions Sales

3283 Scheduling Student Activities

3284 Student Activity Prizes

3285 Students Representing the College at Off-Campus Activities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

3330 Student Process for Recommending Institutional Changes

3331 Student Discipline

3332 Admission/Readmission of a Registered Sex Offender

3340 Solicitation on College-Owned or Operated Facilities by Students

3360 Prohibition of Hazing

3370 Religious Observance – Students

3380 Intercollegiate Student-Athlete Compensation and Rights

Business and Fiscal Services

4020 Financial Management

4030 Budget Development and Budget Amendment Procedure

4040 Purchasing of Goods and Services

4041 Textbook Adoption

4090 Cash Collection and Receipting Procedure

4111 Graduation Application Fees

4112 Fees

4113 Application Fee

4114 Lab/Course and Distance Learning Fees

4120 Outstanding Debt

4130 SFSC Refund Procedure

4150 Investment of Funds

4180 Travel Reimbursement

4220 Grant Procedures

4221 Grants and Contracts Personnel Activity Reports

4222 Cost Principles for Federal Grants

4223 Conflict of Interest Procedure for Grant Awards

4224 Grant Procedures – Cash Management

4225 Additional Procurement Procedures for Purchases from Federal Grants

4226 Affirmative Procurement Programs for Federal Grant Purchases

Human Resources

5010 Staff and Professional Development Committee

5011 Professional Development Funding for Workshops/Conferences

5012 Professional Development Funding for Education Coursework

5020 Fringe Benefits

5021 Employee Enrollment in Courses at South Florida State Colleges

5022 Ticket Discount for Full-Time Employees and Retirees

5030 Staff and Faculty Separation

5031 Exit Interviews

5040 Evaluation of Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty

5041 Evaluation of Professional Staff and Career Service Employees

5042 Evaluation of Administrators

5043 Employee Reappointment and Evaluations

5060 Professional Standards for Faculty: Exceptions

5061 Advancement in Rank of Faculty

5070 Reappointment and Termination Procedures for Annual Contract Employees

5071 Establishing New Positions

5072 Volunteer Services

5080 Reclassification of Positions

5090 Probationary Performance and Review System

5100 Personnel Reduction

5110 Substitute-Instructional

5130 Leaves of Absence

5140 Salary Schedule and Compensation

5141 Salary Equity Adjustments

5142 Salary Determination for Employees in Grant-Funded Positions

5143 Determining Career Service and Professional Employee Starting Salaries

5160 Holiday Pay, Overtime Pay, Compensatory Time, and Call-In Pay

5190 Physical and/or Psychological/Psychiatric Examinations

5200 Consultant Engagement

5210 Cooperation During Fact Finding

5211 Responsibilities of Faculty, Career and Administrative Personnel with Regard to Safety and Security

5220 Workload for Full-Time Instructional Faculty

5221 Course Overloads and Enrollment Minimums

5222 Staffing: Use of Part-Time and Adjunct Personnel

5223 Workweek – Professional Staff and Career Service Employees

5224 Flex-Time Scheduling for All Administrators

5225 Holiday Work Schedules

5230 Discrimination, Harassment, and/or Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

5232 Mandatory Reporting for Child/Vulnerable Adult Abuse

5240 Employee Recruitment and Selection

5242 Instructional Leadership: Department Chair, Program Director, and Program Manager Selection

5243 Transfer of Employee

5244 Dismissal or Suspension of Employees

5245 Demotion of Career Employees

5246 Promotion of Career Employees

5247 Instructional Aides

Planning and Institutional Advancement

6010 Student Access to Technology Resources


7010 Contracting Architectural, Engineering, and Other Professional Services

7011 Contracting Construction Manager Services

7020 Change Orders Affecting Construction Contracts/Final Payment

7030 Use of College Vehicles

7031 Field Trips

7032 Emergency Evacuation

7033 Fire Exit Regulations

7034 Parking and Traffic Regulations

7035 Illness or Accidental Injury

7036 Security

7036.1 Security Video Surveillance

7037 Safety Precautions

7038 Key Control

7039 Accident Information

7039.1 Contacting Students

7040 Rental of Supplemental Facilities or Other Facilities to be Used by the College

7050 Use and Scheduling of College Facilities

7051 Trespassing and Loitering

7052 Catering Procedure

7060 Emergency Response Plan

7061 Emergency and Timely Warning Notifications

7070 Standard of Sanitation, Housekeeping, and Maintenance

Direct Support Organizations

8010 South Florida State College Foundation, Inc.