A valid form of photo identification is required for all exams; ID requirements do vary depending on the type of test. When you schedule, be sure to inquire about the acceptable forms of ID for your particular exam. If you do not present a valid and acceptable photo ID on test day, you will be asked to reschedule your exam for a time when you can produce a valid and acceptable ID.


All tests are given by appointment only and we require at least 24 hours advanced notice; this varies according to each exam. Please be aware that the types of tests given and testing times vary by SFSC locations. Please contact your desired testing location to determine their specific testing hours.

Exam Setting and Security

All exams are administered in a quiet, safe, and secure testing environment and are closely monitored by Testing Center staff. All electronic devices and personal items are prohibited while in the Testing Center and will be stored in a secure locker prior to and during testing. Exams are administered in accordance with the instructions of the institution, agency, sponsor, or course instructor that created them. The Testing Center will not be able to deviate from these instructions without prior institution, agency, sponsor, or course instructor approval.

Testing candidates are the only ones allowed in the Testing Center; this includes children and guests of the testing candidate. Children are not allowed to be unattended outside of the Testing Center or any other area of the college during testing.

Testing irregularities, such as technical issues or suspicions of cheating, are reported to the Director of Testing and Assessment and the institution, agency, sponsor, or course instructor. Irregularities may include:

  • Collaboration with another student
  • Unauthorized Internet access
  • Communication between examinees
  • Examinee referring to notes or other aids
  • Examinee misconduct
  • Examinee impersonation
  • Power Failure or other building emergencies


Cheating is any unauthorized activity that impairs or alters the circumstances of the examination as a measure of the knowledge or skills it was designed to assess. Examinees suspected of cheating will be dismissed from the center and a testing irregularity form will be filed.

If testing personnel suspect cheating, they will collect materials, ask the examinee to leave, and notify the institution, agency, sponsor, or course instructor. Any materials that the student used to breach the security of the exam will be confiscated.