Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the EMT course?

300 contact hours (16 weeks)

What is the class schedule?

Day and evening classes are available. Evening classes typically meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6-10 p.m.

Do the class times include lab, hospital clinicals, and field internship?

The class times include laboratory exercises, but hospital clinicals and field internships are scheduled outside of normal class hours.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 784-7254.

What is hospital clinical experience?

Hospital clinical experience consists of two eight-hour shifts in which the student performs assessments and the skills learned in class to patients. This portion of the training is under the direct supervision of a program preceptor (20 hours minimum).

What is field internship?

Field internship consists of 8-12 hour shifts in which the student rides in an ambulance and functions in the capacity of an EMT under the direct supervision of a program preceptor (54 hours minimum).

Can I have a criminal record and still be an EMT-Basic in the State of Florida?

It is possible to have a criminal history and be certified as an EMT in Florida. All EMT students who complete the program must apply with two separate agencies to take the Florida Certification Examination for EMTs. They are the State of Florida, Bureau of EMS, 850-245-4440; and the National Registry of EMTs.

Can I have a bad driving record and work as an EMT?

Driving is a very important aspect of the EMT’s job. Prospective employers tend to view a poor driving record unfavorably.

What are the physical requirements of the EMT-Basic program?

Students should have manual dexterity to be able to perform minute tasks with both hands and be able to lift and carry 100 pounds. You are required to complete a physical examination with a physician’s signature stating that you are physically capable of performing the tasks of an EMT.

What is the cost for the course?

Approximately $2,000, including books and uniforms.

Is financial aid available?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 784-7254.