1580 | Accounting Technology – AS

The Associate in Science (AS) degree program in Accounting Technology prepares you for employment as an accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll supervisor, a small business accountant, an accounting technician in a professional accounting/tax office, and other accounting related positions. You will also learn financial, cost, and managerial accounting principles and procedures; financial statement components and interpretation; management use of accounting information for strategic and operational planning and controlling; and related business issues.

Length: Two (2) years (60 credit hours)


Fall Term
  CGS  1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows (G.E.) 3
*^ ENC 1101 Freshman English I (G.E.) 3
  FIN 1100 Personal Finance   3
  SLS          1106 First-Year Experience Seminar OR    
  LIS             2004     Research Strategies for College Students           1
+ ACG              2001 Financial Accounting I OR    
+ ACG    2021  Financial Accounting   3
Spring Term
*^ ACG    2011 Financial Accounting II   3
* ACG    2071 Managerial Accounting   3
* CGS            2510C Spreadsheet Applications   3
*^ MAC       1105 College Algebra or higher level math (G.E.) 3
  SPC         2608 Fundamentals of Speech Communication     (G.E.) 3
Summer Term
  GEB         1011 Introduction to Business   3

Fall Term
* ACG        2100 Intermediate Accounting I   3
  BUL  2241 Business Law I   3
   ECO 2013 Macroeconomics (G.E.) 3
  TAX 2000 Personal Income Tax   3
**     Humanities Elective   3
Spring Term
* ACG        2450C Accounting for the Microcomputer   3
  LDR         2001 Introduction to Leadership   3
  ECO   2023 Microeconomics               (G.E.) 3
  OST              2335  Business Communications   3
**      Accounting Elective   2-3

Accounting Electives:                                             

* ACG      1949 Co-op Education Training Assignment in Accounting   1-3
* ACG   2949 Co-op Education Training Assignment in Accounting        1-3
* APA       2136 Bookkeeping Certification Preparation           3

* Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.
** It is your responsibility to meet with the instructional supervisor or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.
^ It may be necessary to first enroll in a lower level English, math, or reading course depending on college placement test scores.
+ If completing ACG 2021 instead of ACG 2001 and ACG 2011, you must also complete an additional 3 hour Accounting Elective.

NOTE:  If you have completed the SLS 1106 First-Year Experience Seminar at another Florida institution, you may take the LIS 2004 Research Strategies for College Students to fulfill the program credit hours.