Computer Workshop Series

Introduction to Word 2013

Course covers the basics of document production in Microsoft Word 2013 – create, edit, save, and print – as well as finer points, spell check, the thesaurus, graphics management, and simple tables.

Intermediate Word 2013

Course covers advanced formatting techniques, such as managing large tables, working with graphics, formatting columns, inserting clip art, and working with page headers and footers. (Students should be familiar with the concepts introduced in “Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013.”)

Introduction to Excel 2013

Create, format, save, and print spreadsheets, use the online help, and become familiar with basic functions and formulas. Participants practice moving and copying cells and using absolute and relative cell reference. Knowledge of Microsoft Windows is required.

Intermediate Excel 2013

Work with multiple worksheets, chart, sort, and filter data, and integrate spreadsheets with other Microsoft Office applications. Class also covers subtotals and formulas (IF, LOOKUP).

Introduction to Publisher 2013

Create publications such as newsletters, brochures, business cards, forms, fliers, and Web pages.

Introduction to Access 2013

Learn to create tables, queries, reports, and forms in the new Microsoft Access 2010 database.

Introduction to PowerPoint 2013

Create, modify, and enhance professional presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn to use the note and outline features, insert clip art and charts, create Word Art, edit text, make backgrounds, and control the slide show operations that add excitement to your presentations. Students must be familiar with the Windows operating system.

Introduction to Photoshop CS6

Learn how to use photo correction tools, resize and move images, and enhance documents and images.

Introduction to Web Design

Learn to create a multi-page Web site with formatted text, graphics, links, tables, and floating boxes, while using Adobe GoLive!’s built-in site management tools to update your Web site and keep it error free. Tuition includes a copy of GoLive 6.0 trial software.

Cloud Graphics with SUMO Paint

Discover how to use SUMO Paint, the free cloud graphics software for photo correction and enhancement, merge images together, create presentation backgrounds, manipulate text, enhance old documents and much more!