3412 | Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology – CC

Description of Program: This career certificate program prepares you with the skills needed to enter into the advanced manufacturing workforce. It focuses on the tools and technologies involved in modern manufacturing and production from basic hand tools and measuring devices up to robotics, computer-aided design, and PLC/microprocessors. Advanced manufacturing technologists work in a wide variety of industries where products are designed, developed, or tested in fields like aerospace, medicine, environmental sciences, computer science, electronics and software development, and manufacturing and construction. After completing the Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology certificate, you will possess the necessary skills for employment in the advanced manufacturing workforce or continue into the A.S. degree in Engineering Technology. Eighteen (18) credit hours will be granted towards the A.S. degree upon successful completion of the certificate program.

Length: 600 contact hours/20 occupational credits

Prefix Number   Course Title Contact Hours
Fall Term      
TDR 0130C Computer-Aided Design and Measurement 120
ETI 0190C Quality and Production Planning 120
Spring Term      
ETM 0030C Electrical and Computer Applications 120
ETM 0040C Mechanical Systems and Applications 120
Summer Term      
ETI 0708C Industrial Safety and Applied Techniques 120