Sunset over Lake Glenda


  • Assist the Maintenance Department with developing ideas to better accommodate students, faculty, and staff in accomplishing their task in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Update the Educational Plant Survey as required.
  • Create a report on the Capital Improvement Projects for Department of Education funding requests.
  • Assist in planning for additional construction projects.
  • Review all plans for code compliance.
  • Issue permits for any construction and maintenance at all of our sites.
  • Oversee any construction projects at any of our facilities.
  • Report to the SFSC District Board of Trustees on construction projects and activities.
  • Inspect and document construction and maintenance projects for compliance.
  • Manage and store any documents related to construction and maintenance projects, for future reference and auditing.
  • Maintain blueprint access for maintenance, and construction information.
  • Manage selective construction projects as assigned.
  • Provide accurate maps and drawings of our existing facilities and utilities.


  • To continue to plan for the future expansion of all sites as the need continues to grow.
  • To continue to upgrade our existing systems to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements.