FINAID_WS-00-1Glad I Could Help

Real Customer Service Situations for Discussion

“Glad I Could Help” teaches you how to turn an angry customer into a satisfied customer while dealing with misunderstandings, misinformation, and frustration. By practicing easy-to-learn techniques, you’ll become adept at resolving problems and creating long-term loyalty among your customers.

This course covers how to approach these common customer service scenarios:

  • When the phone rings while dealing with a customer in person
  • How to soothe an irate customer who is having problems navigating an automated phone system or has been transferred numerous times
  • How to help a customer whose expectations have not been met
  • When and how to make an exception to a company policy to assuage an angry customer
  • How to appease a customer who has received an unexpectedly high bill or damaged goods

After completing the workshop, you will:

  • Understand the number one thing that matters to customers is how they’re treated
  • Keep the focus on solving a customer’s problem
  • Leave the customer with a positive, memorable impression

CCE-01-1Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow: Navigating Your Changing Role

You’ve been promoted. How can you become a competent manager while maintaining good relationships with workers who once were your peers? This hands-on workshop uses real-world examples and four proven strategies to teach new supervisors how balance co-worker relationships with management responsibilities as they make the transition from “peer” to “boss.” From this course, you will learn:

  • How to accept the responsibilities of your new leadership role
  • How to set clear boundaries with former co-workers and your new employees
  • The value of strong communication skills
  • The importance of decisive and strategic action

The course covers specific situations that new bosses typically encounter, including:

  • Overcoming the fear of losing friendships and rapport
  • Disciplining a former peer
  • Managing co-workers who are older
  • Enforcing a policy you may have broken prior to becoming the manager
  • Avoiding the appearance of favoritism
  • Keeping confidential information confidential
  • Admitting mistakes in a way that builds trust and credibility with former peers

CCE-02-1The Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great

Learn what distinguishes an extraordinary leader from an average one from internationally acclaimed leadership authority Jack Zenger. Drawing from extensive research, industry case studies, and his best-selling book, Zenger explores the five characteristics of extraordinary leaders.

Zenger believes great leaders are not born – they’re made – and only great leaders make a significant impact. This course examines the five key strengths an extraordinary leader must possess and reveals how to use them to produce clear results.

“The Extraordinary Leader” can teach you:

  • How to define the the 16 competencies of great leaders
  • How to combine “strengths” to become an effective leader
  • How to recognize the difference between weaknesses and fatal flaws 

Entrepreneur Summit

Entrepreneur Summit teaches proven techniques for retooling and repositioning small businesses for a post-recession economy.


  • Sales and marketing management
  • Organizational and workforce administration
  • Developing a business plan
  • Financial management
  • Leadership for managing a successful business

Power Tools for Business Writing

Learn to embrace the writer in you and produce clear, engaging written communications through Power Tools for Business Writing. This three-day workshop will teach you:

  • How to beat writer’s block and jump start your writing engine
  • How to organize and focus your ideas
  • How to choose the right words, and spell them right every time
  • How to keep your reader interested
  • How to make your message clear and persuasive

This course will provide you with a quick reference “cheat sheet” for correct writing. You’ll never hate writing again!

Closing the Deal: The Secrets of Selling

Whether you’re selling an idea, an experience, or an event, the craft of selling takes on a new dimension when you complete The Secrets of Selling. Through this course, you will learn:

  • Why people choose your product – and why they don’t
  • How to put potential customers at ease
  • How to master the art of closing

You will learn more about yourself, your talents, and areas you need to improve by:

  • Knowing yourself through a personality profile
  • Building relationships from ground up
  • Helping people make good decisions
  • Learning to respect yourself and others

Quickbooks – Simplify Your Business Tasks

Introduction to QuickBooks:

  • Getting familiar with Quickbooks
  • Creating a new company file
  • Working with lists
  • Setting up a chart of accounts
  • Setting up your items
  • Tracking customers and sales
  • Tracking vendors and expenses
  • Tracking sales tax

Intermediate QuickBooks:

  • Time tracking
  • Setting up and using payroll
  • Paying liabilities and taxes
  • Job costing
  • Purchasing and managing inventory
  • Building inventory assemblies
  • Tracking sales of orders and back orders
  • Your financial statements
  • Working with reports
  • Integrating Quickbooks with Microsoft and Excel
  • Importing and exporting
  • List information
  • Customizing Quickbooks

Other Business Courses

South Florida State College’s Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Department offers workshops to improve your business throughout the year. Call SFSC for more information on these and other CCE classes:

Workplace Spanish

Learn functional phrases that are relevant to your occupation and community through this non-academic course.

Diversity Training

Increases participants’ cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills in promoting better teamwork among different identity groups.

Teaches food handlers about safe food-handling practices to prevent food-borne illness.

Demonstrates ways to build better bottom-line profits by making smarter purchasing decisions and better managing your company’s purchasing activities.

Addresses employment law compliance, including policies and procedures, employee relations, recruitment and retention, employee development, and compensation and benefits.

Learn how to manage your stress level so that you can lead a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.