Step 1: South Florida State College Admission Requirements

If you are not currently enrolled in SFSC, complete these requirements through the SFSC Admissions Office. 
Complete the General Student Application for South Florida State College and select Firefighter as the program mayor. Pay the non-refundable application fee.
Submit your official high school transcriptGED, or equivalent, verifying that you have graduated from high school. Each transcript must come directly from your school to the SFSC Admissions Office via the mail or by electronic transfer.
Submit the official transcript from each college in which you attended credit courses.   


Program Acceptance Policies

Applicants are notified via email affirming the date and time the Minimum Standards application was successful submitted. Applicants will also be emailed the following forms required by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.  
Legible copy of a legal document (driver’s license, passport, etc.) for proof of age in accordance with FS 633.412 (1)(a). 

DFS-K4-1022 Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Medical Exam

All firefighter students must complete the Medical Assessment form in accordance with FS 633.412 (1)(e). Firefighting is physically demanding and stressful career field. Many fire departments require significant health and physical ability testing prior to, and continued employment. These requirements are unique to each individual agency. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has published guidelines for firefighter health and safety NFPA 1582. This form must be completed less than 6 months from the first day of class. 


Tobacco Affidavit 

Signed affidavit concerning the use of tobacco in accordance with FS 633.412 (1)(f).  All firefighter students must verify being free from the use of tobacco, in any form, for a minimum of one year prior to the first day of class. 

Acceptance letters with the date/time of the mandatory Program Orientation are sent to those selected for the next scheduled Minimum Standards course.  Failure to attend forfeits acceptance, and the applicant will be placed on the waiting list.   

Applicants not accepted are placed on a waiting list for the next available course offering.  Those on the waiting list are encouraged to attend orientation in the event accepted applicants do not meet the criteria. 

Prior to completing the Firefighter I portion of this program, applicants are required to submit  to a background check.  SFSC submits fingerprints to FDLE and the FBI for the background check as required by for FS 633.412 (1)(c).   Students who do not meet the statutory requirements of this section will not be eligible to progress to the Firefighter II portion of training without refund.