3350 | Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer

This Career Certificate (CC) program trains you to become a law enforcement auxiliary officer in the state of Florida, and it meets the state requirements as approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. Upon successful completion of this “prerequisite” course, you may work as an auxiliary officer with limited authority and in the company of a certified officer. You must attend all sessions of training and score a minimum of 80 percent on all examinations per Administrative Rule. If you graduate from this course, you may not carry a firearm, impact weapon, or operate a vehicle until you have successfully completed the appropriate training through a certified training center or an agency with a certified high-liability instructor.

Length: 360 contact hours

Course Name Course Number Course Hours
Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations CJK 0020 48
Introduction to Law Enforcement (Auxiliary CJK 0023 4
Legal Concepts CJK 0024 20
Patrol and Professional Communication CJK 0025 12
 Interactions in a Diverse Community (Auxiliary) CJK 0026 12
Calls for Service and Arrest Procedures CJK 0027 24
Traffic Stops and Crash Investigations CJK 0028 28
Crime Scene and Courtroom Procedures CJK 0029 8
First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers CJK 0031 40
Criminal Justice Firearms CJK 0040 80
Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics CJK 0051 80
Conducted Electrical Weapon/Dart-Firing Stun Gun CJK 0421 4
  Total Hours 360

Courses, hours, and requirements are subject to change as determined and required by the State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.