Dual Enrollment at South Florida State College

South Florida State College (SFSC) offers a rigorous dual enrollment program allowing eligible secondary (grades 6 through 12) students to begin working on their college degree or certificate. This dual enrollment program is an excellent opportunity for students to take challenging coursework, accumulate college credits, and accelerate their college entry. With a broad variety of dual enrollment courses available, students can engage in the pursuit of college courses that capture their academic interests. Successful completion of dual enrollment courses allows eligible students to simultaneously earn high school credit and college credit toward a career certificate, an associate degree, or a baccalaureate degree. Dual Enrollment students receive free college tuition and free textbooks. Most student fees are waived. Students may take a single Dual Enrollment course, attend college full-time at any SFSC campus, or take courses available at their high schools.

Types of Dual Enrollment

  • College Credit Students complete coursework applicable toward an associate or baccalaureate degree. These college courses are intended for transfer to baccalaureate programs, universities, and colleges. Students typically take a limited number (maximum of 15 credit hours) of college courses if they are classified as regular dual enrollment students. The high school guidance counselor is required to complete the Dual Enrollment or Early College Program Guidance Approval Form.
  • Early College Program
    Early College Program students must be in their junior and/or senior year. Students should plan their course of study in their ninth and 10th grades by completing their foreign language, English composition I and II, high school Algebra I, Geometry, World History, and other high school coursework typically taken in the ninth and 10th grades. Students should work closely with their high school counselor concerning all details. The high school guidance counselor is required to complete the Dual Enrollment or Early College Program Guidance Approval Form.
  • Students must complete 30 credit hours within the fall and spring terms of each academic year.
  • Honors Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment students may take courses offered through the SFSC Honors program with the permission of the Honors Director or Counselor. For additional information, contact SFSC Honors Director Jake Fitzgerald at 863-784-7247 or jason.fitzgerald@southflorida.edu.
  • Technical Credit Students may take coursework that applies toward a certificate or Associate in Science degree program offered at SFSC.
  • Early Admission Students who wish to attend full-time at an SFSC college campus enroll in college credit or technical credit programs as Early Admission. Students should meet the requirements of full-time enrolled college students (12-15 credit hours per major semester) and take all their courses at SFSC only.

Consult the Dual Enrollment Parent/Student Guide for more information on the eligibility, enrollment process, and Q&A on dual enrollment as well as a complete list of college classes.



College Credit
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Technical Dual Enrollment
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