3342 | Correction to Law Enforcement 

The Correction to Law Enforcement (Crossover) Career Certificate (CC) program trains you to become a law enforcement officer in the state of Florida, and it meets the state requirements as approved by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. If you hold a corrections officer certificate, you may “crossover” to law enforcement. Upon successful completion of this occupational program, you will be eligible to take the state certification examination to become a certified law enforcement officer. You must attend all sessions of training and score a minimum of 80 percent on all examinations per Administrative Rule.

Length: 518 contact hours / 17.3 occupational credits

Course Title Course Number Course Hours
 Introduction to Law Enforcement CJK 0002 12
Communications LE CJK 0016 24
Legal CJK 0018 64
Interviewing and Report Writing CJK 0019 56
Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations CJK 0020 48
Serving Your Community CJK 0021 34
Fundamentals of Patrol CJK 0063 40
Crimes Against Persons CJK 0072 48
Crimes Involving Property and Society CJK 0073 12
Crime Scene Follow-up Investigations CJK 0079 34
Critical Incidents CJK 0093 44
Crossover Program Updates CJK 0393 8
Traffic Incidents CJK 0400 12
Traffic Stops CJK 0401 24
Traffic Crash Investigations CJK 0402 30
DUI Traffic Stops CJK 0403 24
Conducted Electrical Weapon/Dart-Firing Stun Gun CJK 0421 4
Total   518