3010 | Accounting Applications – CCC

The College Credit Certificate (CCC) program in Accounting Applications certificate prepares you for employment as a bookkeeper, small business assistant, accounts receivable/payable clerk, or an accountant’s assistant in a small business. You will also learn financial accounting principles and procedures, basic operation and use of microcomputers, an overview of business operations, and business communications. Some credits will articulate directly toward the Associate in Science (AS) degree in Accounting Technology (Program #1580).

Length: 27 credit hours


Fall Term
+ ACG        2001 Financial Accounting I or    
+ ACG        2021 Financial Accounting   3
  CGS        1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows   (G.E.) 3
*^ MAC        1105 College Algebra or higher level math (G.E.) 3
  TAX        2000   Personal Income Tax       3
Spring Term
*+ ACG       2011 Financial Accounting II   3
* ACG       2071 Managerial Accounting   3
  OST 2335 Business Communications   3
**   Accounting/Finance/Professional Elective   3
Summer Term
  GEB        1011 Introduction to Business   3
Accounting/Finance Electives:
* ACG       2100 Intermediate Accounting I   3
* ACG        1949 Co-op Education Training Assignment in Accounting   1-3
* ACG        2949 Co-op Education Training Assignment in Accounting   1-3
  FIN          1100 Personal Finance   3
  ENT        1000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship   3

*    Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.

**   It is your responsibility to meet with the instructional supervisor or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.

^  It may be necessary to first enroll in a lower level English, math, or reading course depending on college placement test scores.

+   If completing ACG 2021 instead of ACG 2001 and ACG 2011, you must also complete an additional 3 hour Accounting/Finance Elective.