Electrical Lineworker – CC

Electrical Lineworker Program - Jacob Bateman on the job at the City of Wauchula

SFSC Alumnus Jacob Bateman on the job at the City of Wauchula

The Electrical Lineworker Career Certificate program prepares students for a career in the power distribution industry. 

  • Students learn in an outdoor lab where they receive hands-on instruction on:
    • operating large equipment
    • driving commercial vehicles
    • constructing and maintaining single- and three-phase overhead and underground power lines as if they are members of a real line crew
  • Students take field trips to local substations owned by Duke Energy, Peace River Electric Co-op, and the City of Wauchula
  • Speakers visit the classroom to speak about their experience on the job, including graduates of the program
  • Faculty have extensive experience in the field
    • Instructor Chris Yeomans began his career in the lineworker industry in 1989 through the Tennessee Valley Public Power Association and is currently a Third Party CDL Examiner for the state of Florida
  • Graduates can earn a Career Certificate and a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Upon completion, 20 credits can be applied to SFSC’s Associate in Applied Science degree in Industrial Management 

Course Examples (for a larger list, visit the College Catalog):

    • Poles, Ropes, and Rigging
    • Pole Line Equipment
    • Trucks and Excavation
    • Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

Length: 1,500 contact hours (approximately 18 months)

Chris Yeomans
Instructor/Coordinator, Hardee Campus
Office: 863-784-7045
Cell: 863 781-7064