Paramedic – College Credit Certificate

South Florida State College’s Paramedic college credit certificate trains students to provide emergency, out-of-hospital care under the direction of an emergency physician.

  • The program focuses on the theory and practice of a Paramedic
  • After completion of the Emergency Medical Technician program students are eligible to attend the Paramedic program
  • Students will have both in class and practical training on recognizing and treating medical and injury-related emergencies outside of the hospital environment
  • The depth and breadth of content in this program is far superior to that of the Emergency Medical Technician program
  • The capstone training includes working with a preceptor in a hospital and on an ambulance
  • Instruction includes patient airway management, patient assessment, trauma emergencies, medical emergencies, assessment-based management, and ambulance operations
  • Credits will articulate directly toward the Associate in Science in Emergency Medical Services
  • Graduates will be eligible to take the State of Florida EMT-Paramedic State Board Exam

Course Examples (for a larger list, visit the College Catalog):

  • Anatomy for Paramedics
  • Paramedic Fundamentals
  • Paramedic Clinical Experience

Length: 42 credit hours (approximately 40 weeks) 


Chris Fowler
Administrative Assistant, EMS and Fire Science Programs

Completion Data:

Year Retention Written Certification Exam Success Positive Job Placement
2017 88.2% 93.3% 86.7%
2018 94.3% 90.9% 90.9% 
2019 81.8% 52% 70.4%
2020 70.96% 81.80% 81.80%
2021 82.1% 69.6% 73.9%