3042 | Paramedic – College Credit Certificate

South Florida State College’s Paramedic college credit certificate trains students to provide emergency, out-of-hospital care under the direction of an emergency physician.

Paramedics direct and manage patient care aspects of the emergency response team. The emergency response team is generally composed of public safety and community service agency personnel who respond to traffic accidents, fires, explosions, and other life-threatening situations.

The Paramedic Program includes a three-term sequence of lecture, lab, hospital clinical and emergency medical services clinical courses and instruction. Instruction includes patient airway management, patient assessment, trauma emergencies, medical emergencies, assessment-based management, and ambulance operations. Credits will articulate directly toward the Associate in Science (AS) degree in Emergency Medical Services.

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Recognize the nature and seriousness of a patient’s illness/injury in order to accurately administer emergency medical care on am EMT-Paramedic level of training.
  • Administer appropriate emergency care based on their training to stabilize the patient’s condition.
  • Lift, move, position, and otherwise handle the movement of the patient in a way as to minimize further injury or illness.
  • Fulfill all written and practical objectives as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Standards Curriculum.
  • Be eligible to take the State of Florida EMT-Paramedic State Board Exam.
Course DescriptionsCredit Hours
Fall Term 
Anatomy for Paramedics3
Paramedic Preparatory2
Paramedic Fundamentals2
Paramedic Fundamentals Lab2
Paramedic Clinical Experience I2
Paramedic Field Internship I1
Paramedic Special Considerations2
Paramedic Special Considerations Lab2
Spring Term2
Paramedic Trauma Management1
Paramedic Trauma Management Lab2
Paramedic Clinical Experience II2
Paramedic Medical Emergencies3
Paramedic Medical Emergencies Lab2
Paramedic Special Emergencies3
Paramedic Special Emergencies Lab1
Summer Term 
Paramedic Clinical Experience III1
Paramedic Field Internship III2
Paramedic Rescue Emergencies1
Paramedic Rescue Emergencies Lab2
Paramedic Patients with Special Needs2
Paramedic Patients with Special Needs Lab2

How to Apply

The Paramedic program is a limited access program. Applicants must be currently certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in Florida or have completed an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course from a state of Florida approved EMS training center. State of Florida certification is required prior to starting the second term of the Paramedic program.

Candidates must obtain authorization from the Emergency Medical Service program chairperson before they register for classes. Preference is given according to the candidate’s experience as an EMT and educational achievement.

This step-by-step guide explains the process for applying to the Paramedic program and includes links to the forms you will need.

For more information, contact: Steven L. Ashworth, director, EMS and Fire Science Programs, 784-7272; ashworths@southflorida.edu.

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Gainful Employment Disclosure