Lifetime Learners Institute

The Lifetime Learners Institute (LLI) at South Florida State College offers short-term, non-credit educational sessions designed to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences in a collegiate setting.

Season Schedule

  • Duration: January to March
  • Sessions: Every Thursday
  • Times: 9 a.m. – noon (times may vary and are posted in the schedule)
  • Field Trips: At least one per month

Field trips provide a relaxed environment for adults to explore new interests, experience personal growth, and enjoy social interaction with like-minded individuals.

Fees and Schedule

Participants may pay for the season membership or register for specific dates as a drop-in. Detailed information about the fees is included in the schedule. The schedule will be posted before the Thanksgiving holiday and can be obtained by contacting the institute directly.

Governance and Presenters

LLI is governed by a committee of peers who ensure the schedule offers intellectually enriching sessions and cultural explorations. Our presenters include volunteers from our membership, community experts, and South Florida State College faculty and retirees.

Join us at the Lifetime Learners Institute to embark on a journey of lifelong learning and social connection.

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Contact Us

Corporate and Community Education Department
Phone: 863-453-6661 (ext. 7034/7032)