1680 | Computer Engineering Technology

When you graduate from the Computer Engineering Technology Associate in Science (AS) degree program, you can join the work force as a technical professional in a broad range of industries, commercial enterprises, and businesses. You will be able to use the principles and theories of science, engineering, and mathematics to install, service, and maintain computers, peripherals, networks and a variety of microprocessor, and computer controlled equipment. You will be provided the knowledge and skills required to solve technical issues in the design, development, testing, manufacture, repair, installation, and troubleshooting of electronic equipment and systems, which can include automated industrial control systems, robotic manufacturing systems, SCADA systems, information technology infrastructure, and communication systems.

A variety of electronics, computer related hardware, software, networking, and programming courses are available, allowing you some flexibility dependent upon personal interest and future employment targets. Hands-on computer experience is emphasized throughout the program.

Length: Two (2) years (68 credit hours)


First Term
* ENC 1101 Freshman English I (G.E.) 3
* MAC 1105 College Algebra (G.E.) 3
*   MGF 1106   Liberal Arts Mathematics I    
  CET 1178C PC Support A+ Core Hardware   3
*** EET 1015C Electronics I   4
  CGS 1100C Introduction to Microcomputers using Windows (G.E.) 3
  SLS 1106 First Year Experience Seminar OR   1
    EET 2905   Special Topics in Electronics Engineering Technology OR    
    EET 2949   Co-op Education Training in Electronics Engineering    
Second Term
  CET 1173C PC Support A+ OS Technologies   3
*** EET 1025C Electronics II   4
  CET 2114C Digital Electronics I   3
  SPC 2608 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (G.E.) 3
**   Humanities Elective (G.E.) 3
Summer Term
  PSY 2012 General Psychology (G.E.) 3
  CET 1588C LAN Support Network+   3

First Term
  PHY 1001C Introduction to General Physics   4
**   Electronics Electives   6
**   Computer Science Electives   6
Second Term
**   Electronics Electives   4
**   Computer Science Electives   8

Electronics Electives:
  CET 2123C Introduction to Microprocessors   4
  EER 2930 Selected Topics in Electronics Technology   1-4
  EET 1141C Introduction to Solid State Devices   4
  EET 1142C Electronics III   4
  EET 1605C Electronics Fabrication Techniques   3
  EET 2325C Electronic Communications   4
  ETD 1615C Applied Electronics Drawing   2
Computer Science Electives:
  CET 1600C CISCO Networking Fundamentals   3
  CET 2792 Microsoft Windows Server   3
  CET 2794 Microsoft Directory Services   3
  CET 2796 Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows Network   3
  CGS 2540C Introduction to Database Management   3
  CGS 2820 Introduction to Web Design   3
  CIS 2321C Systems Analysis and Design   3
  COP 2170C Principles of Computer Programming   3
  COP 2171C Advanced Programming Techniques   3
  COP 2224 Introduction to C++ Programming   3
  COP 2228 Advanced C++ Programming   3
  COP 2250 Java Programming   3
  COP 2810 Programming for the Internet   3
  CTS 2106 Fundamentals of UNIX   3

  Computer Competency Required
* It may be necessary to first enroll in a lower level English, math, or reading course depending on college placement test scores.
** It is your responsibility to meet with the department chair or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.
*** Check the course descriptions for prerequisites.