1660 | Emergency Medical Services – Associate in Science (AS) Degree

The Associate in Science (AS) Degree in Emergency Medical Services provides you with supervisory level instruction related to emergency, out-of-hospital care under the direction of an emergency physician. Emergency medical services personnel direct and manage patient care aspects of the emergency response team. The Emergency Medical Services Program is a two-year applied sciences degree program. It includes EMT, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Responder, and general education course work. Students certified as an Emergency Medical Technician may be awarded 11 credit hours toward this program of study. Students certified as Paramedics may be awarded up to 42 credit hours into this degree program.

Entry Requirement:

This is a limited access program; you must obtain authorization from the EMS Program chairperson prior to registering for all or part of this program. You are advised to take the General Education portion of this program prior to or after your Paramedic training which requires extensive field exercises.

Length: Two (2) years (73 credit hours)


Fall Term
* ENC 1101 Freshman English I (G.E.) 3
  PSY 2012 General Psychology OR (G.E.) 3
     SYG 2000    General Sociology    
* MAC 1105 College Algebra OR (G.E.) 3
     MGF 1106    Liberal Arts Mathematics I (G.E.)  
  AMH 1020 Introductory Survey Since 1877 OR (G.E.) 3
     POS 1041    American Government (G.E.)  
  SLS 1106 First-Year Experience Seminar OR   1
    LIS 2004    Research Strategies for College Students    
Spring Term
  EMS 1119 Emergency Medical Technician I   7
  EMS 1119L Emergency Medical Technician I Lab   4
  EMS 2421 Emergency Medical Technician Practicum   1
**   Humanities Core (GE) 3
**   Natural Sciences Core (GE) 3

Fall Term
  EMS 1010C Anatomy for Paramedics   3
  EMS 1014 Paramedic Preparatory   2
  EMS 1600 Paramedic Fundamentals   2
  EMS 1600L Paramedic Fundamentals Lab   1
  EMS 1641 Paramedic Clinical Experience I   3
  EMS 1681 Paramedic Special Considerations   2
  EMS 1681L Paramedic Special Considerations Lab   2
Spring Term
  EMS 1555 Paramedic Trauma Management   2
  EMS 1555L Paramedic Trauma Management Lab   1
  EMS 1642 Paramedic Clinical Experience II   3
  EMS 1657 Paramedic Field Experience   2
  EMS 1685 Paramedic Medical Emergencies   3
  EMS 1685L Paramedic Medical Emergencies Lab   2
  EMS 1686 Paramedic Special Emergencies   3
  EMS 1686L Paramedic Special Emergencies Lab   1
Summer Term
  EMS 1658 Paramedic Field Internship   3
  EMS 1687 Paramedic Rescue Emergencies   1
  EMS 1687L Paramedic Rescue Emergencies Lab   2
  EMS 1616 Paramedic Patients with Special Needs   2
  EMS 1616L Paramedic Patients with Special Needs Lab   2

* It may be necessary to first enroll in a lower level English, math, or reading course depending on college placement test scores.
** It is your responsibility to meet with the department chair or counselor to select the proper course to fulfill this requirement.