Celebrating Our Trustees from the 2020s

Terry Atchley
Mr. Atchley has served as city manager of Wauchula, Fla. since 2011. He is involved in his family’s business, Giovanni’s Main Street Kitchen, which is located on Main Street in Wauchula.

Photo of SFSC District Board of Trustees, College president, and College attorney

(l to r) President Dr. Thomas C. Leitzel; Trustees Tim Backer, Terry Atchley, Dr. Louis Kirschner, Tami Cullens, Joe Wright, Kris Rider, Lana Puckorius, Derren Bryan; Pam Karlson, College attorney

Photo of District Board of Trustees, president, and College attorney in 2021

(front, l to r) Terry Atchley, trustee; Kris Rider, trustee; Pam Karlson, College attorney; Tami Cullens, trustee; Lana Puckorius, trustee; (back, l to r) Joe Wright, trustee; Darren Bryan, trustee; Dr. Thomas Leitzel, SFSC president; Dr. Louis Kirschner, trustee; Tim Backer, trustee