As a veteran, how do I obtain help preparing for college?

The SFSC Advising and Counseling Center provides academic and other support services to students who need assistance with preparing to enter and attend college. The center is located on the Highlands Campus in Building B, Room 152. To reach a counselor, call 863-784-7131.

How do I apply for VA benefits?

Veterans must apply for education benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Certification cannot be processed without the “Certification of Eligibility” from VA.  Get more information about your VA benefits for education and apply for VA benefits online.

I’m eligible for VA benefits. How do I obtain a deferment of tuition and fees?

Florida law allows South Florida State College to issue a deferment (postponement) of tuition and fees once each academic year. Students may apply for the deferment by providing a copy of their fee schedule to the certifying official located on the Highlands Campus. Deferments can only be granted if the certifying official has all the required documents for certification and the student has been accepted into an eligible program of study. Students must repay the deferment regardless of the status of their receipt of VA benefits.

What documents do I need to submit each academic term?

After your first term, you only need to notify the certifying official that you are registered and want to receive your VA benefits. If you have a change in program or degree objective, notify the certifying official to complete necessary paperwork as soon as the change is made.
SFSC asks that you allow 3-5 days for internal processing and then 30-90 days for the VA Regional office to process the information and for you to start receiving your benefits.

I’m having problems with my benefits. What should I do?

For pay issues contact the veterans’ administration, otherwise contact the certifying official for assistance.

Rob Hampton
Veterans Services Advisor
Phone: 863-784-7128
Office Location: Building B- Room 161

Advising and Counseling Center:

What is the monthly rate for my education benefit?

The chapter you are receiving benefits under will determine your monthly rates. Visit for more information.

Is there is minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) I need to maintain to receive benefits?

The minimum cumulative (overall) SFSC grade point average (GPA) for undergraduate/occupational students is a 2.00.

What impact is there on my benefits if I drop a class?

If a student withdraws entirely for the term or drops a class after the official drop period, the VA Regional office will be notified. The VA regional office will determine if the student will need to repay any portion of their tuition or housing allowance.

Can I take courses that are designated remedial and receive benefits?

Remedial and deficiency courses may be funded by the VA. However, the VA will not pay for online remedial courses.

How Do I Contact the VA Regional Office?


Phone: 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)