South Florida State College’s Associate in Arts (AA) degree program prepares its graduates to transfer to another Florida public college or university as a junior.

SFSC’s Advising and Counseling Center has prepared degree maps that outline the common courses students take during their freshman and sophomore years for specific majors. Students should be aware that many universities require specific courses as prerequisites to entering certain major fields of study. If you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in one of these majors, you are advised to consult the university or your choice for the courses it requires to enter its four-year degree program. You are also encouraged to meet with SFSC advisors to discuss the common prerequisites required for your major and choose the most appropriate electives. Bear in mind that electives in excess of 60 credit hours may not be covered by federal financial aid.

By earning an AA degree at SFSC, you are guaranteed admission to a Florida public university. However, you are not guaranteed admission to a limited access bachelor’s degree program which has additional requirements.


Consult your advisor about your transfer plans before registering for classes.

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