Position vacancies are advertised in the local newspapers and are posted on Human Resources’ Position Vacancies web page. Faculty and administrative positions are typically advertised in nationally recognized publications.

Yes. Applications are available online through our applicant-tracking software, Interview Exchange. When completing the online application process, make sure you provide all requested information such as names and phone numbers. Transcripts, resumes, and other supporting materials may be attached to supplement the application. Resumes cannot be substituted for the completion of the online application. If you are interested in a position that is not posted on the website, please contact Human Resources for information and instructions.

No. Applicants must apply through the online application process.

For positions with a posted deadline, applications received after midnight on the deadline date will not be accepted. If a position is listed as “open until filled,” applications will be accepted until a hiring decision is made.

After the deadline, applications are reviewed by Human Resources staff to ensure that all applicants meet the minimum requirements of the job. The applications are then reviewed by a screening committee and interviewees are selected. After interviews and reference checks are conducted, an offer of employment will be made to the recommended candidate. Applicants will be notified when a hiring decision is made.

No. You must apply for each position using the online application process. Once you have used the online process, the information contained in each field of your previous application will automatically populate when you apply for other positions. When applying for other positions, please update your application to reflect current information.

You must submit a separate application for each open position for which you are applying.

Yes. A thorough background check including employment references, personal references, criminal records, and fingerprinting is conducted for all recommended candidates.

Veteran’s Preference is given to eligible veterans and spouses of veterans for career service positions. You must submit the Veteran’s Preference claim form and appropriate documentation at the time of application. For more information on eligibility, visit the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affair.

Education and experience requirements for teaching positions vary, but general guidelines for SFSC’s program areas are:

Class Type Experience Required
Bachelor’s Degree Programs Minimum of a master’s degree in field
Associate in Arts Degree 18 graduate hours in field and a master’s degree
Associate in Science Degree Associate’s degree (bachelor’s preferred) and 2 years of related experience
Adult Education Programs Bachelor’s degree required for most courses
Vocational Certificate Extensive occupational experience
Community Education Expertise in a personal enrichment activity

It is the responsibility of prospective instructors to provide documentation of all relevant academic and professional preparation for the teaching assignment.

Professional Standards