Blackboard Connect Opt-Out and Opt Back In Request

South Florida State College uses Blackboard Connect as a tool to inform students of events, important dates, and campus emergencies. Staff and faculty are alerted during emergencies and drills only. To opt-out of receiving automatic text messages from Blackboard Connect, please contact the appropriate office.

Students – email the Office of Student Services at with your GID and cellphone number

Staff and Faculty – email the Office of Information Technology at with your cellphone number


How to Opt-Out or Opt-In of Receiving Blackboard Connect Using Your Cellphone

Any recipient can opt-out of receiving SMS text messages at any time by texting:

STOP [Account Code] or QUIT [Account Code] (do not include brackets) to 23177 or 63079

The Account Code was sent to you in the confirmation text you received when you first opted in. You may also text STOP All to opt out of all text messages sent by the Blackboard Connect institutions you are subscribed to.

To re-subscribe to receive messages, text:  SUBSCRIBE SFSC to 23177.

Please note: You cannot subscribe to an institution’s text messages unless your mobile number is already on file with the institution. If you attempt to subscribe to an institution and your number is not already on file, you will get this text message:

BbConnect Notify Alerts: You have not followed the Opt In/Out process correctly

For more information, reply HELP or view the Blackboard Connect Terms of Use.


Data Security and Privacy Statement from Blackboard Connect Inc.
Blackboard Connect does not sell, trade, lease or loan any data about clients to any third party. From a technical perspective, Blackboard Connect utilizes multiple physical and virtual layers of firewalls to maintain data security. Blackboard Connect only utilizes secure transmissions with its customers. No confidential information is ever transmitted between Blackboard Connect and its customers using e-mail or FTP, but rather always utilizes either a VPN tunnel or SSL. Data is hosted in state-of-the-art facilities which require photo identification, thumb-print recognition, keyed access, and are manned 24/7 with full-security personnel. All data is encrypted prior to being placed on tape for offsite storage Blackboard Connect also retains an external, independent security firm to perform annual security audits.