The nine graduates

The Nine Graduates

AVON PARK, Fla. – Aug. 16, 2017 – SFSC’s Criminal Justice Academy recently recognized nine Basic Corrections 193 graduates at a ceremony on Aug. 14 on the Highlands Campus.

SFSC 2017 basic corrections certificate graduates are Jeffery L. Banks, Sharon K. Brett, Alexandra Brock, Claudel Claude, Ty-Neisha S. Eaddy, Volney Glenn, Craig W. Masters, Brittni T. McKeithan, and Horace O. Nicholson.

Keynote speaker, Lt. H. Steven Levine, Florida Civil Commitment Center, addressed the graduates: “Today, as you graduate, you should ready to face all the challenges and the many personalities and attitudes that you will be exposed to in your new career. You’re educated, disciplined, and prepared. You have learned and demonstrated teamwork and a solid work ethic. The staff and instructors have prepared you, but the rest is up to you. Your career and what you become are in your hands now.”

Levin, then, turned to family members: “I ask that you be loving and supportive of these fine officers. They will not always show you the emotions they feel, and parts of their lives you may never understand. They will witness things that they may not discuss and encounter hard times. Make the most of the time you have together, and take the time to educate yourselves about the profession. A number of publications are available that will help you strengthen your relationship and better understand the noble fraternity.”

Special awards were presented to Alexandra Brock for being the “Class Leader,” for “top firearms score,” and “top academic score.” Volney Glenn was recognized for being “class leader.”

The SFSC Criminal Justice Academy provides the most current training available in the areas of corrections, criminal justice, and law enforcement. Through the academy, students can earn their basic occupational certificates, complete recertification training, learn advanced and specialized skills, and earn their associate degree in criminal justice technology.

For more information about SFSC’s Criminal Justice Academy, contact Curtis Ivy, director of the Criminal Justice Academy, at 863-784-7281 or