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In the global marketplace, supply chain management is a vibrant part of commerce that everyone depends on without realizing it.

Within the last few decades, supply chain management has evolved into a function that is broader than traditional logistics. Supply chain managers build networks of multiple independent companies that develop products and the means of transporting them from the point of origin to the consumer with an eye toward gaining an advantage over their competitors. They analyze supply chain management systems for efficiency and predict consumer demand. For example, a supply chain manager could be involved in developing a brand of orange juice and then working with citrus growers, truckers, juice processors, carton manufacturers, and shipping lines to deliver the final product to national supermarkets.

SFSC’s Supply Chain Management – Associate in Science (AS) Degree program prepares students for the growing number of job opportunities available in our district. Courses cover the principles of management and marketing, operations management, purchasing, warehouse management, tracking inventory, transportation, distribution, and other relevant subjects.

The program includes an internship in which students gain real-world experience in supply chain management.

New Students

New students can enter the program year-round during the fall, spring, or summer terms. The program accepts 25 students per term on a first-come, first-served basis. Complete the General Student Application to SFSC to apply to the Supply Chain Management AS degree program.

Program Details

Day, evening, and hybrid courses are available. The program can be completed in two years. Students earn an AS degree with 60 college credits.

As part of the program, students become certified to drive a forklift and become a Certified Logistics Association (CLA) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) through the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council. These certifications recognize your competency in handling material from entry level through front-line supervisor and increase your value to potential employers.

Program Cost

$7,132.28. Students are eligible for Pell Grants.


Credits earned from Logistics and Transportation Specialist college credit certificate program may be applied to the Supply Chain Management AS degree.

The Supply Chain Management AS degree qualifies graduates for admission to the Bachelor of Science degree program in Supervision and Management (BAS-SM).

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