Teachers are held to the highest standards in the community and are expected to dress conservatively. When completing student teaching internships, South Florida State College’s BSEE interns represent the college as well as themselves. The teacher’s outward appearance can affect the degree of respect he or she receives from students, other faculty, and school staff. Unless instructed otherwise, BSEE teaching interns should build a casual business wardrobe that reflects comfort, practicality, and professionalism.

All of SFSC’s BSEE teaching interns must follow these guidelines of dress and personal appearance:

  • Hair – Neat in natural styles. No extreme hair coloring or styles.
  • Shirts – Should be clean and without wrinkles. Avoid tight-fitting blouses, tank tops, racer back tops, spaghetti strap tops, and t-shirts. Clothing should not expose mid-drifts, undergarments, or cleavage.
  • Pants or Skirts – Pants should be neatly pressed, clean, and fit comfortably. Skirts should be no higher than an inch above the knee. Do not wear jeans or pants with rips or tears.
  • Shoes – Dress shoes are required. Shoes with closed toes and closed heels are recommended. Do not wear flip-flops.
  • Accessories – Makeup should be natural, and jewelry should be tasteful and kept to a minimum.
  • Hygiene – Appropriate grooming and bathing should be reflected in the teaching intern’s appearance and smell.
  • Body Art – Body piercings and tattoos should not be displayed.