Suggested Schedule for Internship III: Collaboration/Co-Teaching

The clinical experience is designed to provide the opportunity to gradually increase responsibilities of the intern.

The following charts provide a suggested schedule for interns and host teachers. Individual classroom situations may result in variations to this suggested schedule.




Week 1


  • Intern actively observes classroom and assists as necessary.
  • Intern  introduces self to class using lesson plan Candidate introduces self to staff, administration.
  • Intern becomes familiar with building procedures.
  • Intern and host teacher  collaborate on what lessons the intern will teacher during Week 2. Host teacher reviews lesson plans.
  • Host teacher shares relevant student information like IEP goals for students with active IEPs, RTI information, health information, etc.

Week 2

Host Teacher/Intern


  • Intern assumes assisting role as appropriate.
  • Intern assumes routine tasks like attendance and leading students to specials  Intern assists individual students.
  • Intern/host teacher begin co-teaching responsibility.
  • Intern/host teacher collaborate and plan for following week’s lesson plans and intern’s assumption of responsibilities as appropriate.
  • Host teacher reviews lesson plans and begins a discussion about the Impact on Students Leaning Project Topic.
  • Host teacher observes intern and give specific, constructive feedback.

Week 3

HT/ Intern 75/25

  • Intern continues to assume routine tasks Intern continues to assist students.
  • Intern and host teacher continue to co-teach.
  • Intern and host teacher plan for following week’s lessons.
  • Intern plans for half of classes HT reviews lesson plans, ISL Unit Plan topic decision.
  • HT give specific and constructive feedback on the Intern’s practice.

Week 4

Host Teacher/ Intern 50/50

  • Intern and host teacher continue to co-teach with intern gradually taking the lead or more responsibility for approximately half of classes.
  • Intern assumes all routine tasks.
  • Intern continues to assist individual students.
  • Intern/HT plan for full responsibility, Intern assumes lesson planning for all lessons.
  • HT reviews plans and gives daily constructive feedback to the intern.

Weeks 5 – 12

Host Teacher/ Intern 10/90

  • Intern has primary responsibility for planning, teaching, assessment and management of the classroom.
  • Co-teaching is expected.
  • Intern initiates Impact on Students Leaning Project (ISL).
  • Host teacher may work with cooperative groups of students and individuals that need assistance.
  • Host teacher reviews lesson plans and gives daily constructive feedback.
  • Host teacher gives feedback to intern.

Final 2 weeks

Host Teacher/Intern 25/75>90/10

  • The responsibility gradually returns to the host teacher throughout these two weeks. The intern observes four other teachers at different grade levels.
  • The intern and the host teacher meet with the college coordinator to complete evaluations.

Full responsibility does not mean that the intern is left completely alone all day with the classroom. The host teacher should always remain in the school building and accessible. The host teacher is not expected to relinquish all responsibility to the intern. The host teacher and intern should work as a team to provide a positive experience for all students.

During the “full responsibility” period, the intern will have primary responsibility for all lesson planning and execution of lesson plans, classroom management and record keeping.

We offer the following suggestions for the 5-week full responsibility component:

  • The host teacher can function as an assistant while the intern in teaching.
  • The host teacher and the intern can work together in a team teaching
  • The host teacher and the intern can work together with facilitating activities with cooperative groups of students.
  • The host teacher an work with individuals or small groups of students that need additional assistance while the intern is teaching.