Chair, Technical-Industrial Education

Certificate, A.S. South Florida State College


I’m a lifetime resident of Florida and graduated in 1985 from Lake Placid High School. In 1986, I enrolled in the SFCC HVAC program. I graduated in 1987 and worked in the HVAC industry for 11 years. In 1998, I was fortunate enough to be hired to replace my former professor, Charles Goodwin, as the new instructor of HVAC at SFCC. I’ve held that position ever since. I love working at the College. I’m married; we have one son and one cat. I like watching the Bucs during football season. I also volunteer to assist with maintenance of our religious meeting places.

Unique Teaching Styles/Traits/Skills

Our class is about 50% classroom work and 50% hands on in the lab. That combination is essential. Without the knowledge of why you’re doing a certain task, you’ll only know the how. But the how is just as important. We pride ourselves on having real HVAC units in our lab, not just simulators. So, when you’re ready to go to work in the industry, you will have the basic skills needed to start your career off right.